India Child Sponsorship Banner

In 2004, a missions team from Gateway Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL visited a residential children's program and school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India called New Life Center (NLC). We visited with Helena Singh, the director of the ministry and her parents, Emmanuel and Beulah, the founders. We have been back many times since and have witnessed something truly amazing.

Child Photo 1In the midst of an impoverished land, dominated by the gods of Hinduism, there exists a Christian children’s home that has taken in children in need for the past 30 years. NLC has approximately 250 children at the main home/school in Dehradun with hundreds more at other homes spread throughout India. These children are almost all from Hindu backgrounds. Many of them are orphans or have parents that cannot care for them. They come to NLC to be cared for, to receive a quality education that will provide a solid future for them, and to also be exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For over three decades, NLC has done amazing work in the region and has seen the lives of thousands of children dramatically changed.

Recently, the funding for NLC from European donors began to dwindle. These donors are no longer in favor of NLC’s approach to caring for the children in a residential facility and are no longer friendly to their desire to proclaim the gospel to the children in their care. So, they have begun defunding NLC. If new sponsors for the children are not found, NLC cannot continue to support them and they will not be able to continue on with this vital Christian ministry in Northern India.

God is working through NLC and we feel that He is opening up the window for more peoChild Photo 2ple to participate in this ministry, enabling it to have an even greater impact in the future than it has had in the past. Members of Gateway Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL have become advocates for this ministry. This is not our ministry, although we pray for it and support it. It is run by indigenous Indians who are living as missionaries in their own land. Would you consider helping us support the 250 children who are in desperate need in this dark corner of the world.

The request is very specific: Find one sponsor for each of the children in need. Each child can be sponsored for $40 per month. Ideally, this would be a long-term commitment so that these children can have a brighter future. The India Child Sponsorship program is made possible by the dedicated efforts of volunteers to ensure that all funds given go directly to New Life Center and the children of Northern India. Would you consider helping with this? Would you become an advocate for these children and contact others about helping with this need as well?