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Questions about this ministry:

India Kids Image1. Will the children write their sponsors? If so, how often? Yes! The children will correspond at least once a year. (One letter, Annual progress Report, Christmas card & one Photograph.) An address will be provided to each sponsor.

2. Can the sponsors send anything to the children? Can they write letters? Can they send anything else? Yes! The sponsor can send letters & cards. All sponsors should do this so that some children do not receive cards while others do. Packages are discouraged due to the high cost of shipping and the burden on NLC for receiving foreign parcels.

3. If a sponsor has financial difficulty and is no longer able to sponsor a child, what kind of notice should they give you? Will you try to find another sponsor for that child? We should have at least three months notice from the sponsor who would like to discontinue the support. Another sponsor will need to be found for the child.

4. How much does it cost to sponsor a child and what does the money provide for the child? It costs $40 per month. Incredibly, this amount in India is able to support a child's boarding, food, school tuition fees, school supplies, uniform, and administrative expenses of running the children's home.

5. How can someone participate in this? To search for a child, just go to the find a child page here on the site and follow the steps to sponsor a child. If you have already selected a child to sponsor and would like to participate via automatic withdrawal just download the Automatic Withdrawal Form and fax or mail it to us. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone at 334-595-9430. All gifts are tax deductible. 100% of the funds collected go to support the children at New Life Center in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

6. How long should my child sponsorship last? India Child Sponsorship offers you the opportunity to sponsor a child over the course of their schooling. If you are paying by check annually or monthly instead of by automatic withdrawal, you will be contacted in the event that your check is not received. We hope you will be able to maintain a child sponsorship until the child leaves the school. However, we understand that circumstances change, and we hope you will contact us immediately if you need to discontinue your sponsorship. If the child you are sponsoring leaves the program (due to graduation or any other change in circumstances), we will inform you as quickly as possible. We will also offer you the opportunity to support another child at NLC.

7. Must I hold and practice specific Christian beliefs to sponsor a child? India Child Sponsorship does not require anyone to hold specific religious beliefs. However, we are an evangelical Christian ministry. New Life Center is a Christ-following school in a spiritually dark country, and we seek sponsors who support this form of education.

8. What is different about New Life Center and India Child Sponsorship than any other child sponsorship program?New Life Center focuses on a Christ-centered, high quality education for the lowest class of children. NLC offers kids a chance at life and eternal life that very few schools in India support. NLC has a personally accountable relationship with Gateway Baptist Church, and 100% of all funds sent through India Child Sponsorship go to the children of NLC. ICS is entirely volunteer-run to ensure all money goes to the children and administration of NLC.